A paradigm shift, from box packing to weight based shipping for easy goers!

Today, as a growing business, it is imperative to have a seamless experience of shipping your goods online. The box packing option is quite a powerful option if you are willing to put your head into the nitty-gritty of it.

However, if you are more of a weight based person and want to get rid of the complex nature of dimensions and configuring boxes, then weight based parcel packing option is the best choice for you.

Wait a minute? Are you concerned whether prices come exactly for weight based shipping as compared to box packing?

Keep your worries aside. The rates are absolutely same in both cases. Moreover, in weight based shipping, your mind is free from the dimensional concept.

Just to give a quick heads up: Woocommerce FedEx shipping plugin offers the following parcel packing options:

* Pack into boxes with weight and dimensions
* Weight based packing

You can select these options in the plugin settings (Parcel Packing option).

1. Pack into boxes with weight and dimensions:

You need to define a custom box in the plugin settings for this option. You need to set the dimensions and weight of the custom box according to the product dimensions and weight and the no of products that you are trying to fit in.

Let’s say you have two products of following dimensions:

Product 1 : Adidas batadidas_bat

Product 2 : Nike Batnike_bat

We have defined two custom boxes in the plugin settings . Kindly check the attached screenshot.custom_box

When we have one Nike bat and Adidas bat in the cart, the plugin would automatically select the box with the dimension 13*11*3. Check the attached screenshot for the request.request-for-pack-into-boxes-with-weight-and-dimension-with-2-products

The above screenshot shows the custom box selected with dimensions 13*11*3 and the total weight 13 lbs( weight of nike bat + weight of adidas bat)

Note- there is a field for box weight in plugin settings, we set it zero while defining custom boxes.

Here we go! We can see the rates returned in the screenshot below:cart1

Similarly, when we add two more items in the cart, the total no of items are 4 now, the plugin would automatically select the box with dimensions 17*12*4.

In the debug request(attached screenshot), it shows that the custom box is selected with the dimensions 17*12*4 and the total weight is 26 lbs( weight of 2 nike bat+ weight of 2 adidas bat)
Request for pack into boxes with weight and dimension with 4 products

Hence, for 4 items, the rates returned are the following:cart2

This is how box packing works for option – “Pack into boxes with weight and dimension“. Complex or not? We let you to decide. If you do not find it complex enough, Go For It!

2. Weight based shipping:

This option would consider only the weight of the product for the calculation of real time rates.Here, you need to set a box maximum weight and you can pack multiple items together.

Let’s say, you have two items in the cart, with weight 7lbs and 6 lbs(products – Adidas and Nike bat).

Here, you set the Box maximum weight as 40 in the plugin settings and both the items are packed in the same box.

You can check the attached screenshot for the request( the total weight is 13lbs that means both items are packed together).request

Also, check the screenshot for the rates being returned :cart3
Similarly, when we add two more items in the cart, the total no of items are 4 now.

You can find the screenshot for the request below( total weight is 26lbs, that means all four items are packed together).request2Also, you can check the screenshot for the rates being returned:cart4

Hence, we see that the rates that come up with weight based packing are the same as compared to the ones of box packing. This is because the actual weight of the order is greater than the volumetric weight of the order.

In case, the volumetric weight is more than the actual weight, then you will have to default to box packing as this would be a more accurate way of fetching rates.

The whole idea of this article was to help you figure out shipping rates  based on the nature of products ( i.e.  choice of packing option based on volumetric weight vs actual weight) . So,by nature if you find it easy and hassle free to go with weight based, you are most welcome!

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