How to offer Discounts for different combinations of Categories using WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin

Jason sells Pet Tags, Leads, and Collars. He currently runs a promotional deal – For the purchase of a collar & lead together, his customers get $10 off from the total purchase value. Jason’s store has a range of products from both collars and leads categories. Thus his customers can choose any combination of products to be applicable for the discount.

With 52 different products in the first category (Collars), and 26 in the second (Leads), doing this on a product basis would be practically impossible to manage.

Jason's Problem!

Lucid Solution from XAdapter:

The Dynamic Pricing plugin gives Jason the perfect flexibility to define a discount for a combination of categories. He no longer needs to create redundant rules for each product.

Just define the categories of the product & quantities for which a discount should be given and we are all set!

The simple solution has made him very happy!

The video below gives a perfect example of a discount of 10% for the purchase of one unit of any product from category “Lead” along with a simultaneous purchase of another item from the category “Collars”:

Cool! Isn’t it!


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