6 Reasons to use MilesWeb Hosting For 10X Speed and security for Your E-Commerce Store

According to one market survey, there are 12 to 24 million eCommerce websites present in the digital space and this figure is expected to cross more than 30 million websites. As the internet is continually scaling to the next level, web hosting from MilesWeb becomes an utmost priority to manage online traffic and SEO optimization.

It is a fact that not everyone who creates the website succeeds in breaking the digital code. For a stronger web identity, MilesWeb’s hosting solution is required. If you do not believe us in our words, we have reasons compiled that may change your perception. Read on.

Why MilesWeb Hosting for eCommerce store’s Optimal Performance?

1. High Data Storage

Undoubtedly, you are running an eCommerce website or application comprising millions or billions of data. Thus, your firm requires high data storage, which ultimately you receive after choosing a MilesWeb hosting plan. Either you can opt for VPS (Managed or Unmanaged) or the managed dedicated server plans. They are the right web hosting partner that manages websites’ online traffic and provides flexibility in terms of storage.

If you opt for VPS hosting plans, from 50 GB SSD to 500 GB, SSD storage eCommerce companies receive. And if you go with the dedicated server hosting plans, the storage capacity ranges from 480 GB to 2 TB SSD. These both are the perfect choice when you have to deal with many data present on your websites and applications.

2. Enhance websites load time

Would you prefer a slow and amateur website? It is a fact that 53% of visitors get disengaged with websites having a load time of more than three to four seconds. A fast and prompt website is the need of the hour if you want your eCommerce brand to sustain itself. Overall, a sluggish website puts the visitors off your website, ultimately affecting your SEO strategies.

With MilesWeb optimal web hosting servers, eCommerce developers receive 99.99% guaranteed uptime. How? It is because they have Tier-4 data centers that make it possible. With such advanced web hosting servers, you can make your websites responsive and turn potential leads into consumers. This would be the actual plus point for your website.

3. Secured solutions

A secured IP address in collaboration with MilesWeb means you are on the right path to enable HTTPS on your websites. With every web hosting plan, the company is providing free SSL encryption to all of its client’s portals. Mainly, SSL (Secure Socket Layers) is used to secure sensitive information available on your website.

Your website also contains sensitive information like financial transaction records and private information that are vulnerable to breaches. In the year 2019, more than 15 billion eCommerce data records were breached on the dark web and other illegal digital platforms. Hence, partner with the right web hosting company and do not allow hackers to find out loopholes in your websites. Protecting your consumer’s or visitors’ information should be your utmost priority.

4. Optimal Technical Support with Web Hosting

Technical glitches are inevitable for any website and your eCommerce portal is not an exception. What if something goes wrong that makes your web domain poor quality? Downtime and disruptions are normal for websites and you need the right web hosting partner, to fix these errors. Or else, it might affect your websites’ search engine ranking and conversions.

Get ahead with this issue by collaborating with MilesWeb. They deliver you 24*7 technical support with all relevant tools and digital resources. Connect with them anytime when you require they will always acknowledge your technical issues and resolve them in managed VPS web hosting plans for Linux and Windows OS.

5. SEO optimization efforts

Down websites will affect your SEO performance and you could refer to the above information to depict the same. As the downtime continues for long, it badly affects your SEO optimization efforts and search engine rankings. The more the website’s loading time, the higher the bounce rate will be.

In layman terms, bounce rate showcases that users are not finding relevant content on the portal, which lowers the traffic count. Invest in MilesWeb to ensure your portal gets the possible search engine rankings with a higher uptime.

6. Cloud Hosting solutions

In the above-mentioned information, we have discussed technical glitches and their consequences. But what if you want your portal to host on a centralized server resource that does not affect your websites’ performance? Cloud hosting solutions and MilesWeb provide the same at a nominal cost. Plans range between Rs. 1,782 per month to Rs. 9,666 per month.

Final Thoughts

Your eCommerce website is a digital store to showcase your brand. Do not compromise on quality standards that affect the performance of your portal. Choose the right web hosting partner MilesWeb that brings flexible web hosting plans as per your requirement. From VPS to cloud hosting, they cover web hosting solutions for all size portals.

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