I just want simple shipping that I don’t have to write rules for, etc.

Customer :

I just purchased Shipping Pro, but now I’m not sure if I need USPS Premium instead. I just want simple shipping that I don’t have to write rules for, etc…I sell items such as T-Shirts, Mugs, Pillows, Throws and I can do box sizes, so should I switch to the USPS Premium?

Support :

Our Shipping Pro plugin offers customized rates depending on the metrics like no of items, postcode etc.

Our USPS plugin provides real-time shipping rates using USPS API.

With the box sizes, we are assuming that you are talking about the customize boxes in the parcel packing methods.

With our USPS plugin, you can pack multiple items together by using “PACK INTO BOXES WITH WEIGHT AND DIMENSION”.

  1. In Parcel Packing option, we select “Pack into boxes with weights and dimensions”.
  2. Once this is selected, now we can add a custom box which can be used for packing Product A and Product B together. To create a custom box, we just click on the Add Box button in the Custom Box Dimensions.
  3. We give the dimensions and weight of the custom box.


  • Items are packed into these boxes depending based on item dimensions and volume.
  • Outer dimensions are passed to USPS,
  • Inner dimensions are used for packing.
  • Items not fitting into boxes are packed individually.

Hope this helps you. So if you are looking for real-time rates USPS will suit your requirement.

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