Moodle and WooCommerce

How to Sell Moodle Courses using WooCommerce

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world right now. That’s because of its large group of diverse offerings. WordPress promises possibilities, such as the ability to convert any website into an e-store or a social network using one or many extensions.

Hence it’s no wonder that other platforms want to avail the power of WordPress to their benefit.

Case in point, Moodle.

Moodle is a feature-rich LMS, and one that’s probably the most advanced yet. Hence, its popularity comes as no surprise. However, Moodle does have one particularly evident drawback – the options to sell Moodle courses are very limited.

You might say that there are payment gateways available. But selling courses does not end at using a payment option. There’s a lot to consider.

Moodleprenuers are looking for a wholesome solution.

WooCommerce to the Rescue

Moodle and WooCommerce
The popularity of WooCommerce can’t be contested. It’s up there with leading e-commerce platforms, and one that Moodlers are strongly considering as the e-commerce extension they need.

Why is WooCommerce Popular?

The popularity of WooCommerce is closely tied to WordPress. But the fact that the platform is FREE and extremely simple to use, makes it a favorite of many.

Apart from that, WooCommerce offers:-

Payment options

WooCommerce offers several payment options off-the-shelf, and has extensions for location-specific payment gateways. This means it has global scope, no matter which audiences you target the world over.

Pricing flexibility

Apart from setting regular prices, you can set up coupons or discounts for your customers. WooCommerce gives you the freedom to set different pricing for different customers, or sell bundles (using extensions, of course).

Marketing support

WooCommerce has you covered when it comes to marketing. It integrates with popular email marketing, social media marketing plugins, and affiliate marketing plugins like OSI Affiliate to help you popularize your products and provide consumers a better buying experience.

… and that’s to name a few.

But wait, WooCommerce is based on WordPress.

WooCommerce is not a Moodle extension. It’s based on WordPress. It’ll always be based on WordPress. So even though you have your courses on Moodle, you’d have to setup a WordPress website to use WooCommerce.

But that complicates the matter even further. Now you have two different platforms. One for managing your courses and the other for selling. How do you integrate the two?

Enter – the Edwiser Bridge Integration Plugin

Edwiser Bridge – as the name aptly specifies – is in fact a ‘bridge’ between Moodle and WordPress. It helps integrate the two platforms and is a free plugin.
Moodle and WooCommerce

Its primary function is to link Moodle with WordPress in just a few simple steps. With Edwiser Bridge, you can:-

  • Integrate Moodle and WordPress in one click
  • Sync Moodle courses and users with WordPress
  • Sell Moodle courses on WordPress

Edwiser Bridge supports international currencies and is translation-ready. Although, for the full-blown e-Commerce experience, you’ll want to go with the WooCommerce extension for Edwiser Bridge. With this extension, you get to sell your Moodle courses on WooCommerce.

The WooCommerce extension for Edwiser Bridge presents two advantages over and above the features presented by WooCommerce –

  1. You can sell courses as subscriptions – perfect, when you have a course that stretches over months.
  2. You can sell multiple courses as a bundle – this helps you market related courses for a discounted price.

Edwiser Bridge provides you additional extensions too to give you more control over selling your courses and student behaviour.

You’ve got the Single Sign On extension – it’s a must have to relieve your students from the stress of dodging between two sites. It provides a single point of login for both your WordPress and Moodle websites.

Bonus Tip

Edwiser Bridge plugin offers a bundle of extensions – which contains WooCommerce integration and the SSO extension- and makes for an economical ecommercification of Moodle :-D. It also contains the Selective Synchronization option which helps you choose the courses you want to sell.

Parting thoughts

WordPress might not always be the answer in certain cases. But in this case, it is. WordPress+WooCommerce is the perfect platform to sell Moodle courses.

It provides you a great deal of functionality, and granular control over the course purchase process. Better yet, your students have an easy to interact with e-commerce platform = happy students = more sales.

Moodle users have been looking for a reliable option for a while now, and WooCommerce seems to be the perfect overlay. The Edwiser Bridge plugin fits in between to integrate the two platforms seamlessly.

The result?

You’re empowered to do more today than yesterday! Time to start selling like a pro! 🙂

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