Does the FedEx plugin works in Holland?


I have got the FedEx WooCommerce plugin installed. It works, but not every time. When I enter an address in the US (new york) it works fine, but it does not work if I enter an address in Holland.

XAdapter Support:

We noticed the following error in the response information of debug mode:

[Message] => Service was validated at the country level, but might not be valid for the actual intended city for the destination

The FedEx services are not active in the address location you have mentioned.

To check this, kindly go to the FedEx price calculator –
Put the same ship from and ship to addresses as you entered in the plugin. If the services show up, kindly take a screenshot and send it to us. We will look into the issue further.
If the services don’t show up, then FedEx does not provide services for your entered address.

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