Easily Ship Products with Custor plugin

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4 thoughts on “Easily Ship Products with Custor plugin”

  1. I am using this price calculator plugin. Please tell me table rate shipping pro plugin is compatible with price calculator plugin?

    1. Hi Mike,

      Yes, the shipping pro plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Measurement Price calculator plugin.


  2. hi, is it possible to set price by size.
    case: wood panel cutting
    panel is 400×200 cm
    i use woocommerce measuremmet
    customer order is 222×111
    i need a rule:
    shipping cost is 70,00$ for all panels less than lenght 200cm
    shipping cost greater than 200cm 90$
    in this case customer input date 222
    shipping must be 90,-
    is that possible

    1. Hi Nemax,

      With our shipping pro plugin, you can configure the shipping rules based on “Weight” ; “Item count/qty” ; “Price” criteria.
      But unfortunately, to configure shipping rules based on “dimensions” of the products is not possible.
      However, if you would like to configure rules based on “Weight”, then you can easily achieve it with our plugin.


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