Methods for Bulk Import of Users to WordPress

Bulk import of users in WordPress can be done by WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customers Import Export Plugin. If you have the details of the users in a CSV file, then it is really easy to import all the user data from the CSV file to the WordPress website. You can visit the product page of the plugin to know more details about the plugin. If you do not have the CSV file prepared, you can use the same plugin to [...]

How to generate WooCommerce Delivery notes

Delivery Note imparts information about the contents of a package. It serves as a proof of undisputed delivery of goods to the buyer. A copy of the delivery note is signed by the recipient and then returned to the seller as proof of delivery. Any products that were ordered but are not enclosed in the packaging for any specific reason, can be listed in the delivery note, which serves as a proof of the original order by the customer. Print Invoice, Packing [...]

Alter the Ship From Address Using Xadapter PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes & Shipping Labels Plugin for WooCommerce

The below code snippet allows you to change the ship from address to another address other than set in the general settings for a particular document type using Xadapter PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes & Shipping Labels Plugin for WooCommerce. Simply add the code snippet to the function.php file of the active child theme and change the document type in the if condition statement from the available document types in which you want to change the ship from address.

Increasing File Upload Size in WordPress – WooCommerce Product Import Export

Uploading a file that exceeds the maximum file upload limit fails to upload and create an error. The maximum file upload limit depends on the hosting and the package that you are using. The maximum upload size can vary from 2 MB to 150 MB. Clearly, the maximum upload size of 2 MB is very low and is not sufficient for most of the time. How to check the maximum upload file size To check the maximum upload file size, [...]

Importing Post ID Conflicts with an Existing Post ID : WooCommerce Product Import Export

When importing products to your WooCommerce website, you may have encountered with an error with the error message "Importing post ID Conflicts with an Existing ID" or "Post is not a Product". This error occurs when the post ID already exists in the WooCommerce website to which the products are being imported to. During an import, if you are updating existing product data, then do not forget to check the Update existing products tick box. Otherwise it will generate the error [...]

Update DHL Tracking Message based on customer order language.

Using this code snippet you can update DHL Tracking Message based on customer order language. Just copy and past the snippet in Appearance --> Editor --> fuctions.php This snippet allows the language to be French. So the tracking message will be displayed in French. For another language, you just need to provide the language code and provide the message. For example, in the above snippet change : if ($lang == 'fr') to if ($lang == 'de') And [...]