How to Show Free Shipping and Print Shipping Label with Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce

In this article, we'll discuss a situation, as enquired by one of our customers. Aydian wants to show free shipping for all the products in his WooCommerce store. And from the back end, he wants to print USPS postage-paid shipping labels. He also wants to know whether he can automate tracking for the packages. This can be achieved easily with Shipping Plugin with USPS Postage for WooCommerce. How Shipping Plugin with USPS Postage for WooCommerce Help Aydian? Aydian wants to: [...]

How to Troubleshoot Address Validation & Google Address Auto Complete Plugin for WooCommerce?

This article intends to provide detailed, step-by-step instructions that’ll show you how to troubleshoot Address Validation & Google Address AutoComplete Plugin for WooCommerce plugin. Refer the product page to know more about other various features of the plugin. Troubleshooting Address Validation & Google Address AutoComplete Plugin for WooCommerce 1. Error: "Oops! Something went wrong" When a user adds a product to the cart and moves to the Checkout page, the Address Autocomplete text field will sometimes throw an error "Oops! Something went wrong" as shown in the screenshot [...]

Exporting and Importing WooCommerce Product Images With a Zip File

The Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce provides the option to export images associated with a product of a WooCommerce store into a CSV file. The plugin allows to import and export multiple product images, generate thumbnails, re-use product images from the media library, etc. There are two options with which the images related to the products can be exported and imported. In addition to the default method in which the CSV file contains the entire URL path of the images, the [...]

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Box Packing: Demonstration with WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin with Print Label

In this article, we'll discuss 'Box Packing' feature using WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin with Print Label. As you know that the legacy shipping options of WooCommerce are limited to some basic functionalities only, you can use them to show simple shipping rates based on shipping zones. These shipping rates remain static and you need to set multiple shipping zones for the different types of shipping methods like a flat rate, free shipping, and local pickup. You may need to add [...]

Where to Download WooCommerce Print Invoice & Packing List Free

Xadapter's Print Invoice & Packing List plugin enables your store to automatically print Invoice and all shipping related documents like Shipping label, Packing list, Delivery note, etc. Emails can be sent in PDF version using this plugin. This WooCommerce plugin offers flexibility like no other with its robust settings and great customization options. You can download the free Print Invoice & Packing Slip plugin by navigating through the following steps. Download WooCommerce Print Invoice & Packing List Free Step 1 - Log in to [...]

How to Add Text to Customer Invoice

An invoice including text from customers ie; customer notes, is an example of an ideal invoice. WooCommerce allows you two ways to add text to customer invoice. You can do it either by using an extension or manually on WooCommerce itself. The major difference is that if you are using an extension your workload will be less. The best extension to use in order to add text to invoice is WooCommerce PDF Invoice & Packing List plugin by Xadapter. Adding Text to [...] shipping plugin with usps postage.

Complete Guide to Shipping to Canada with USPS on Discounted Rates

Products produced in the US has attracted customers from all around the world. Sectors like fashion and electronics, household goods etc. have provided leading number of customers via e-commerce. And Canada has been one of the largest markets of these products. So, as there is ever increasing demand, it is certainly the right time to expand your business to the largest neighboring nation. And to power your business you'll need the best shipping integration which is economic and provides assurance. We'll [...]

We are Shipping Goods from Dubai to Europe, UK and Africa, but I have no idea what those Services Mean? WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin with Print Label

In this installment, we'll see the details of 'Services' and take few customers queries about set up of WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin with Print Label. Here are the latest improvements incorporated in the plugin.  The Conversation One of our very new customer Liezl, who integrated WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin with Print Label in her WooCommmerce store, started with an interesting conversation with our Online Support representative about the plugin. You can raise any concern or find the older threads in our forum for [...]

What is New in WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin with Print Label

WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin with Print Label version 3.6.4 released on June 20th, 2018. Premium users receive all the updates along with premium support. If you missed out, you can renew your subscription at 50% discount and get all updates for the next one year. The article accounts for all the updates incorporated into the plugin since its version 3.4.0. The basic version DHL WooCommerce Shipping Method, which has 2000+ active installation, also witnessed an update last week. So the [...]

Why Can’t We See Pricing of the Shipment?

EasyPost Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce helps users to connect their FedEx, UPS accounts and receive a commercial account from USPS. To make the use of the plugin easier and fix issues instantly, our customers get to raise issues in our forum.  Today we'll discuss the case where one of our customers faces issues related to shipping labels. Let's roll with the conversation... Message 1 Customer: hi, how come the plugin doesn’t show the price of the shipping label in the backend? [...]