The plugin is not getting downloaded as a zip file

You have just purchased a plugin from XAdapter and downloaded the plugin file (which normally should come in ZIP format). But you are seeing a folder with some PHP files in it instead of a zip file. It can be a browser-related issue because some browsers unzip the file while downloading. When you try to download a zip file, it gets downloaded as a file folder, not as a zip file. For example, in mac, if you are using safari, sometimes it automatically extracts [...]

Frequently Asked Questions: USPS

Q1 : Why does First Class Shipping option not show up?  Ans : According to USPS, First Class shipping option can be used up to 13 ounces. If the product is weighing more than 13 ounces, USPS API does not return First Class Shipping option. Q2 : Is there any way that I can remove the library and media mail shipping options since I do not sell Items which needs library and media mail? Ans :  In the premium version of the plugin, you [...]

I am facing an issue with the UPS plugin after setting it up!

We hope you were successful in setting up the UPS plugin. For any help on setup of the plugin, please go through our setting up article. Once you are done, if you have any problem with the shipping services or rates, kindly do the following : 1. Enable the debug option from the settings tab and try debugging the transaction by analyzing the request and response. For more information on debugging, kindly go through our article on the subject. 2. To compare the rates [...]

Frequently Asked Questions : UPS

Q1: Why am I getting error as No tracking information available [Error Code: 151044], when clicking on 'print label' button ? Also I am not able to see  tracking info on UPS site, while trying to test shipments. Ans : The Tracking ID which is generated in the Test mode, is not trackable. Because  of that, you are getting error as No tracking information available. In live mode, you can get the tracking information. Q2: Why am I getting error as  FATAL error: Cannot redclare [...]

Frequently Asked Questions: Fedex

Q1: Does FedEx plugin support weight and dimensions of product in Kg & cm? If yes, then how do I set up the plugin to work with Kg and cm? Ans: Yes, you can set the dimensions and weight of the product with any unit in the product settings. FedEx Plugin takes these dimensions and weight from product settings and converts the weight and dimensions of the product into lbs and in automatically, and the converted weight and dimensions are passed to FedEx [...]

What is the refund policy if I buy this plugin?

Customer: I did the live demo but there are some custom settings that I can't test. Do you offer a free trial period? Or what is the refund policy if I buy this and it doesn't work with our website/needs? XAdapter Support: Yes! We have a 30-days money back guarantee for our plugins. So if the plugin does not suit your needs, let us know. We will refund your amount!