Troubleshoot- Packaging Multiple Items Separately..!

Most of the customers often face problems while shipping two or more products. One such issue regarding multiple product shipping surfaced when a customer explained his case. Let's take a look at the issue he was facing: I tried selecting two products for shipping.The two products are not packed together in a box. As a result the two products are shipped individually which is causing the shipping charges to be more expensive. It is a very common issue regarding the store owners [...]

Troubleshoot- Getting Higher Rates in UPS Shipping Plugin..!

It is a common scenario where WooCommerce store owners come across some issues with the plugins. But sometimes the issues may arise because of some additional functionalities of the plugin itself. Something similar happened to one of the customers who couldn't understand why the rates returned by UPS Shipping Plugin were not matching the official quotes of UPS. The customer's issue was:  I've set up everything per instruction and I'm still getting a lower rate as compared to my rate on [...]

Why UPS Shipping Methods are not listed under WooCommerce Shipping Zones..?

WooCommerce Shipping Zones is a great feature. Especially when working with Free Shipping or Flat Rate shipping for different zones. However, WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin with Print Label is an independent plugin. Hence it doesn't require to be configured for each shipping zone in WooCommerce. As a result, UPS Shipping methods are not listed under WooCommerce Shipping Zones specifically. Basically, adding a complete shipping solution like UPS Shipping plugin under WooCommerce Shipping Zones is a complete overkill. As UPS Shipping plugin [...]

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking using UPS Shipping Plugin

While delivering orders to the customers, the store owner has to keep a lot of things in mind. Easy shipping and proper shipment tracking are among the most important aspects of online shipping. Being a WooCommerce store owner, you might as well have to worry about your customer's order delivery. Hence, this article will focus on WooCommerce shipment tracking using UPS Shipping plugin. It will help you understand how you can generate a Tracking ID and find the delivery [...]

Does the plugin provide an Estimated Delivery Time to customers?

Customer: Does the UPS plugin not calculate delivery as this can't be known until UPS bill the label, which might happen hours after the order is placed? XAdapter Support: Currently the plugin does not show or provide the Estimated Delivery Time of the shipment. However, you can go for our Estimated Delivery Date Plugin along with the UPS plugin for this requirement.

What to do when my country doesn’t have zip/postal code?

Customer: Hi, I am from United Arab Emirates. Zip codes are not used in our country. How do I go about to get rates on the UPS plugin? XAdapter Support: We have a free plugin which replaces the postal code field with city field.  This will be useful when you are shipping from a country which doesn’t have a postal code. To show the shipping options for United Arab Emirates, you need to provide the city information in the specified field. Once you [...]

Is there an option in the plugin settings to make ‘signature required upon delivery’?

Online stores pay a great deal of attention when it comes to delivering the products to their customers. However, in some special cases, they need to take special care while shipping. Especially, when there are products with some conditions based on their usage or even the time of delivery. This article shows how you can make sure to confirm the delivery when sending shipments across the globe. In this article, we will discuss WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin and how using [...]

Insure your products under UPS Insurance Policy, using WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin

UPS is one of the most trusted shipping services throughout the world. When it comes to shipping packages, it covers both domestic and international shipping. However, vulnerabilities are a part and parcel of shipping. There can be mishappenings due to which the package can be delayed or damaged. In the worst case scenario, the package can end up at the wrong address. It is due to these vulnerabilities, there is a dire need to insure your packages. This article will help [...]

How to know if the Plugin works in My Country?

Customer : Hi, does the plugin support using UPS in my country? Support : Our UPS plugin works at every location where the UPS services operate. You can check whether UPS operates in your country by using the UPS Shipping Calculator. Enter the 'Ship From' and 'Ship To' countries with postal code (Zip Code), and the calculator will display the available UPS services.

Is this Plugin Compatible with WooCommerce 3.0?

Customer : I purchased your UPS WooCommerce shipping plugin. Is it compatible to WooCommerce 3.0? Support : Our UPS Plugin is compatible with WooCommerce 3.0. Kindly install the latest version of the plugin by logging into My Account on You will find the latest version of the plugin under the API Downloads section.