WooCommerce Shipping Plugins Comparison Chart – Multiple vs. Individual Carrier-Integration

WooCommerce Multiple Carrier Shipping Plugin by XAdapter is empowered with the table rate shipping feature along with real time rates from popular shipping carriers such FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL Express & Stamps.com (USPS). This plugin can potentially provide a complete shipping solution for your business. Using this plugin, you can set rules using various parameters like Shipping class, Product category, Prices based on weight, Item quantity, and Price. It won't be possible to achieve this with plugins that have individual shipping carrier [...]

Printing WooCommerce Shipping Labels Automatically for FedEx and UPS

WooCommerce shipping label generation is a hefty task for small business owners. You have to login to the shipping carrier's website and key in the details of the shipment one by one to generate the respective labels. It makes the whole shipping process really disturbing and tedious. Hence a solution that can automate the process of filling in the package details, and generate labels automatically (as soon as a customer places an order on your WooCommerce site) would really [...]

Is there an option in the plugin settings to make ‘signature required upon delivery’?

Online stores pay a great deal of attention when it comes to delivering the products to their customers. However, in some special cases, they need to take special care while shipping. Especially, when there are products with some conditions based on their usage or even the time of delivery. This article shows how you can make sure to confirm the delivery when sending shipments across the globe. In this article, we will discuss WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin and how using [...]

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts – Selling Digital products in conjunction with Physical versions

We have John who is keen on starting an online education portal. He has a list of courses in web designing and decides to use Wordpress as his content management system. Once, the course is enrolled by the customer, he plans to send him/her a hard-copy of the respective reference book. As a first step, he creates a virtual product with the course name. To ship the book (using CanadaPost) with every order, he has to manually create a [...]

Hassle-free shipping of prohibited goods using WooCommerce Multi-carrier plugin

XAdapter Multi-carrier plugin provides easy solution for eCommerce shop-owners to display shipping methods of popular shipping carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and Stamps.com. This way your customers can choose the preferred carrier while checking out. However, prohibited goods such as alcoholic beverages or flammable liquids may create a big headache, especially if you are shipping worldwide. USPS has a list of prohibited items that they do not allow to be shipped internationally. This creates a strange problem [...]

Enhance the Checkout Process for PO Box Addresses!

We often get to hear customers complaining about issues with shipment deliveries when they are not available at their physical addresses. For example, someone who spends summers in Florida and winters in Scottsdale may be getting tired of having to forward their shipments from one location to another. In addition, deliveries to inaccurate addresses might add to the trouble. Sometimes people run home-based businesses and want to separate business and personal mails. And then there are others who just [...]

Setting up Pages in WooCommerce – A Complete Guide

Table of Contents Introduction WooCommerce Pages Reinstalling Pages Directing WooCommerce what pages to use Shop Page WooCommerce Onboarding Wizard Page Setup Store Locale Shipping & Tax Payments Store is Ready Rerun Wizard Introduction Setting up pages in WooCommerce is the first step to get your online store up and running. It involves creating shortcodes for the different pages you want to set up for your online store. The pages you set up will be seen in the Home page of the [...]

Configuring General Settings in WooCommerce – A Tutorial

Table of Contents Introduction Getting Started Sections in General Settings General Options Base Location Selling Locations Shipping Locations Default Customer Location Enable Taxes Store Notice Store Notice Text Currency Options Currency Currency Position Thousand Separator Decimal Separator Number of Decimals Introduction To set up your online store on the WooCommerce platform, you have to configure settings in WooCommerce to enable it to function effectively. The first step in this process is to configure the General Settings in WooCommerce. These are some [...]

A Tutorial to Installation and Configuration of WooCommerce: A Complete guide

Table of Contents Introduction to Installation Minimum Requirements Optional Items Installing  and Uninstalling WooCommerce Automatic Installation Hosting FTP setup Onboarding Wizard Manual Shop Setup Installation on a Multisite Revert to a previous version of WooCommerce Uninstall WooCommerce Creating WooCommerce Pages Re-installing pages Directing WooCommerce what pages to use Shop Page Configuring Settings & Options in WooCommerce Shop Currency Settings Currency Options WooCommerce Menu Items Orders Section Coupons Section Reports Section Settings General Settings Product Settings Tax Settings Shipping Settings Checkout [...]

An Introduction to WordPress

WordPress was formed in 2003 with a single bit of code as a content management software to enhance typography of daily writing with just a handful of users. However, ever since it has grown by leaps and bounds to progress to being one of the largest self-blogging tools in the world. It powers millions of blogs and websites the world over, and is read by millions more. It is an open-source content management software with hundreds of people across [...]