Why you can’t see Custom FedEx Shipping Name while Creating Shipments

Our WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin allows its users tomers.

But this feature can only be used by the sto show it on the WooCommerce Cart/Checkout. You can see the following screenshot of the FedEx Doorstep Delivery for the reference.

You cannot use this feature anywhere else. Let us take an example to understand this feature’s limitations.

Vimurtanada: When creating a shipment, it will be convenient for me do this.
For Example, I have assigned the Name as “FedEx Economy” for the service code FEDEX_EXPRESS_SAVER. I want to see the name “FedEx Economy”

Here, Vimurtanada wants to see FedEx Economy in the place pointed out by a red arrow in the following image.

You see, this feature tomers.

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