Add Extra Weight with Order Total If Particular Shipping Class Exist in Order with UPS WooCommerce Shipping

This code enables you to add extra weight with order total if particular shipping class exist in the order when you are using our UPS WooCommerce Shipping Plugin. Code snippet should be added in functions.php file of your website theme. To do this, go to Appearance > Editor > Theme Functions (functions.php). Code snippet for Label package In the above code, alter the variables for shipping class ('shipping-class-a';) and the extra weight to add ($weight_to_add = 25;) according to your preferences. Also note, there [...]

Exclude Tax from Product Price in UPS Shipment Label with UPS WooCommerce Shipping

This code snippet enables you to exclude tax from product price in the UPS shipment label while using UPS WooCommerce Shipping Plugin. Go to Appearance > Editor > Theme Functions (functions.php) and insert the following code. This snippet will work when the 'Commercial Invoice' option is enabled on the plugin. This is applicable only for International shipping.

Delete All UPS Shipment Details for Specific Order with UPS WooCommerce Shipping

[Error Code: 125000] - Missing or invalid shipment digest. One of our customers was repeatedly getting this error message. We investigated the issue and found the reason as described below: While using our UPS WooCommerce Shipping Plugin, the process of shipment creation happens in two steps. First the shipment is created, and then the 'accept request' is sent to UPS for approval. Usually both requests are fired under one process. So you will get the label after the process. In certain rare cases, the [...]

Hide All Non-UPS Services if Customer Selects an Access Point with UPS WooCommerce Shipping

UPS has a wide Access Point Network that helps your customers to choose a nearby location where they want to pick up the package. This code snippet enables to hide all non-UPS services if the customer selects an access point location when using our UPS WooCommerce Shipping Plugin. Go to Appearance > Editor > Theme Functions (functions.php) and insert the snippet to enable this functionality.

Do you have a list of custom box dimensions?

Customer: Do you have a list of the various package dimensions that I can import or enter into Custom Box Dimensions section? How do I determine the maximum number of bottles of 5x3x3 in 1 lb product can be combined into a single box? XAdapter Support: We do not have a list of custom box dimensions. Usually, our customers use a varied set of products which need a variety of packaging options. So we leave it to them for the configuration of the boxes. Coming [...]

[Error code: 121100] – The requested service is invalid for the shipment origin

Customer: When shipping is entered manually the plugin returns an error: [Error code: 121100] - "The requested service is invalid for the shipment origin." XAdapter Support: This error comes when you try to print a label for a service not available within the origin to destination. We request you to go to UPS price calculator - and check if the required service is available in your location.

Does the Plugin Help in Address Validation?

Customer: Is there an address validation tool available for the plugin? I could only find a place to check all residential or zero residential. Is this accurate? XAdapter Support: For our UPS plugin, there is no address validation functionality available in the plugin. However, the UPS API has an inbuilt address validation mechanism which characterizes the address as residential or commercial. We have provided a residential option in the plugin settings only to allow shop owners to explicitly mark the addresses as Residential.

Show/Hide Free Shipping Based on Item Count for Domestic Shipment

One of our customers John was creating a comic book e-commerce site and wanted to setup free shipping within Australia only for customers who buy 12 or more comic books. We created a code snippet as below that enables to show/hide Free Shipping based on item count for domestic shipment: In the above code, alter the number in the variable ($minimum_number_of_item = 12;) to change the number of items you want to be in the cart to offer free shipping. Also alter [...]