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5 WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Strategies to Make More Profit

Dynamic pricing strategies are now accessible to businesses of all types and sizes. It has become an essential part of the competitive landscape of eCommerce. How effectively and precisely you apply dynamic pricing principles would determine your success and failure in the extremely volatile business space. If you are running a WooCommerce store, our Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin would be an apt companion for your pricing strategies. If you wish to directly go to the capabilities of the [...]

WooCommerce Shipping – Hide shipping methods based on destination country

You might be already using one of the awesome WooCommerce shipping solutions of XAdapter. While shipping internationally, you may want to hide specific shipping methods for certain countries. You can hide the shipping method(s) in the cart/checkout page based on the destination country, using the below code snippet. HIDE WOOCOMMERCE SHIPPING METHODS BASED ON SHIPPING CLASS AND ZONE Just copy and paste the snippet in Appearance -->Editor --> functions.php and you are done! If you are looking for a plugin to do [...]

Add WooCommerce Extra Product Options Compatibility on Invoice/Packing Slip with Print Invoice, Packing Slip, Delivery Note & Label Plugin

If you are already using an extension like TM WooCommerce Product Extra Options, or Extra Product Fields that help you with WooCommerce Orders, no need to worry about compatibility issues with XAdapter's Print Invoice plugin. You can use the below code snippet to enable your WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugins to work seamlessly with the XAdapter plugin. Go to Appearance > Editor > Theme Functions (functions.php) and insert the following code to enable this functionality on the plugin:

Does the plugin provide an Estimated Delivery Time to customers?

Customer: Does the UPS plugin not calculate delivery as this can't be known until UPS bill the label, which might happen hours after the order is placed? XAdapter Support: Currently the plugin does not show or provide the Estimated Delivery Time of the shipment. However, you can go for our Estimated Delivery Date Plugin along with the UPS plugin for this requirement.

What to do when my country doesn’t have zip/postal code?

Customer: Hi, I am from United Arab Emirates. Zip codes are not used in our country. How do I go about to get rates on the UPS plugin? XAdapter Support: We have a free plugin which replaces the postal code field with city field.  This will be useful when you are shipping from a country which doesn’t have a postal code. To show the shipping options for United Arab Emirates, you need to provide the city information in the specified field. Once you [...]

How to resolve printing issue with Dymo label printer?

Customer: Hi, I can create a shipping label but it’s the single 8×11 sheet of paper type. I own a dymo label printer that prints 4×6 labels. What do I have to change in the plugin settings to create a 4×6 pdf label? XAdapter Support: Currently our UPS plugin print labels in png, gif, zpl, and epl formats. The size of the label depends upon your printer settings. You can go through the below articles for more information: How to adjust Dymo label [...]

Is there an option in the plugin settings to make ‘signature required upon delivery’?

Online stores pay a great deal of attention when it comes to delivering the products to their customers. However, in some special cases, they need to take special care while shipping. Especially, when there are products with some conditions based on their usage or even the time of delivery. This article shows how you can make sure to confirm the delivery when sending shipments across the globe. In this article, we will discuss WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin and how using [...]

Insure your products under UPS Insurance Policy, using WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin

UPS is one of the most trusted shipping services throughout the world. When it comes to shipping packages, it covers both domestic and international shipping. However, vulnerabilities are a part and parcel of shipping. There can be mishappenings due to which the package can be delayed or damaged. In the worst case scenario, the package can end up at the wrong address. It is due to these vulnerabilities, there is a dire need to insure your packages. This article will help [...]

Switch UPS Account Based on Shipping Class with UPS WooCommerce Shipping.

One of our customers, Scott, presented an interesting business case. He ships from two warehouses, located quite far from each other (one located in the East Coast of the US and the other in the West.) He maintains separate UPS accounts for each warehouse, and wanted to use them selectively depending on which warehouse was closest to the customer. Scott asked us if it is possible to connect more than one UPS accounts and choose which one to use for [...]

Add an Extra Cost to Each Package for UPS WooCommerce Shipping

On of our customers wanted to add a $3 fee to the order for each shipping box used. A flat fee of $3 needs to be added to the shipping cost when UPS returns the number of boxes being shipped. So if UPS determines that the order will take two shipping boxes, a $6 charge is applied to shipping before checkout. We developed a code snippet that helps to add an extra cost to each package while using our UPS WooCommerce [...]