How to generate WooCommerce Delivery notes

Delivery Note imparts information about the contents of a package. It serves as a proof of undisputed delivery of goods to the buyer. A copy of the delivery note is signed by the recipient and then returned to the seller as proof of delivery. Any products that were ordered but are not enclosed in the packaging for any specific reason, can be listed in the delivery note, which serves as a proof of the original order by the customer. Print Invoice, Packing [...]

Frequently Asked Questions: WooCommerce Product Import Export

Q1.Why are some of the products getting  “Failed to import products” error? Ans: The error occurs when you have the unidentified character "�" in the CSV. Ensure that the CSV is UTF-8 encoded to avoid this issue. Q2.Why are some products getting “post is not a product" error? Ans: WordPress considers everything as posts. For example, a product is a post, an image is another post etc. Thus if the importing product IDs already exist in your site, the new products cannot be inserted to the [...]

How to generate WooCommerce shipping labels

Shipping is a crucial part of any business, be it a normal or an e-commerce business. While most of the store owners take it as an insignificant aspect of their business, successful traders use tactical shipping options to run their business smoothly. When it comes to e-commerce business, you should make sure that your products reach your customers without any hassles. This is where shipping labels come into play, where you can fill out all of the required information pertaining to shipping. XAdapter provides this functionality [...]

How to generate WooCommerce packing slip

Packing list provides essential information to the customer and others involved in the transaction, subject to shipping. A packing list can be used as a supporting document in case of any conflict between conveyor and exporter regarding the cargo. It is also used by Customs for clearance and entry into foreign countries. To file a claim with the shipping or insurance company in the event of cargo damage or loss, packing list can be given as a validation document. Including a packing list along with an invoice when you are [...]

How to generate WooCommerce pdf invoices and packing slips

Including an invoice and packing list when you are shipping a package, is best practice, which establishes an extra line of communication between you and the customer. It serves as a confirmation of what the package contains. Invoicing creates a positive vibe for your e-commerce customers. To run your business successfully, it is essential to integrate a billing solution to send out invoices automatically from your e-commerce store. When you sell internationally, it is a standard requirement in many countries to include an [...]