How to configure international shipping in FedEx?

Customer: International shipping rates is not showing up on our website. Our shipping app has international shipping prices for the package I want to ship, but FedEx international shipping is not available as shipping options on our site. XAdapter Support: We hope you were successful in setting up the FedEx plugin. For any help on the setup of the plugin, you can refer this article. After following the above steps, if you still have any problem with the shipping services or rates, kindly follow [...]

During the test mode, should I use my FedEx account number or test account number?

Customer: During the test mode, should I use my FedEx account number or test account number? What password should I use? When I enabled debug mode, a get the following error: stdClass Object ( [HighestSeverity] => ERROR [Notifications] => stdClass Object ( [Severity] => ERROR [Source] => prof [Code] => 1000 [Message] => Authentication Failed ) [TransactionDetail] => stdClass Object ( [CustomerTransactionId] => *** WooCommerce Rate Request *** ) [Version] => stdClass Object ( [ServiceId] => crs [Major] => 16 [Intermediate] => 0 [Minor] => 0 ) ) XAdapter Support: In the test mode, you only need to use test account number. You need to register with FedEx for [...]

How to configure SmartPost in FedEx?

Customer: We use FedEx SmartPost for most of our shipping. I have contacted FedEx to make sure that SmartPost is activated on our account, and it is. I have the SmartPost box checked in the FedEx Plugin, but SmartPost does not appear on our website as an option. How to configure this? XAdapter Support: For SmartPost to work: The SmartPost option should be enabled. Destination country should be United States. The SmartPost hub should be filled appropriately. If the issue persists, kindly provide [...]

I want to include the tracking number in a “completed order” email

Customer: I am considering the plugin because I want to include the tracking number in a "completed order" email from my website, in addition to the tracking email generated from itself. Can you send me a screenshot example of that part of your plugin? We already have shipping rates in place.   Support: Sure ! We have attached snapshots of the order completion email (with tracking number). Let us know if that will work for you.   Also, you can try generating one yourself in [...]

I get the following error : – Unable to Get Auth: Authentication failed

Customer: I am using the plugin with WooCommerce in WordPress. It is installed correctly, but when I go to calculate shipping I get the following error: - Unable to Get Auth: Authentication failed. I am pretty sure I have the correct UN and PW because I can use it actually to get into my acct. Please help. Support: If the authentication information like UserID or Password is not correct, you get this Auth: Authentication failed error. We request you to check the UserID [...]

What the upload limit is of your plugin

Customer: We were wondering what the upload limit of your plugin. I read somewhere in the previously asked questions that this would only be 50 'rows.' Is there no way to increase this size, to let's say at least 500? Then I'd also like to know whether it is possible to exclude the action of showing the tracking data on my account page but instead activate the after ship tracking button? Would be great to hear from you soon so we can [...]