How to debug Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin?

In the latest version of the Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin, the debugging is made lots simpler. Debugging data is visible in the “Product Page”, “Cart Page” and the “Checkout Page” What information are contained in the debug data? 1. Which Rule type is being applied. 2. Which rule no. is being applied. 3. The original price, discount and the discounted price. How to turn on the debug mode? 1. Go to the product page. 2. In the URL, add “ ?debug ” then click on enter 3. [...]

Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin for WooCommerce : A way to show loyalty to your customers

This article is intended to give solution to a business case related to Pricing and Discounts. Every store owner feels the necessity to offer discounts and free products to his customers. Here we shall consider the following business case - When a customer purchases a Product (for example a Diary), you want to give another product for free (for example a Pen). And with every subsequent purchase of Pen, he would get some discount. A point to be noted is that, [...]

Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin – New version released with amazing features and enhancements

After a good amount of research and feedbacks from our customers, we have come up with a revamped version of Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin. Along with a whole lot of new features, the plugin has an improved interface.     When we heard that our customers were having some difficulty in setting up of the plugin, we decided to revamp the entire flow and create the plugin in such a way that the users would not even have to look up [...]

Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin wins two ecommerce software awards

Since the time we started working on Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin, our prime intention had been to build a product that is devoid of every issue we have faced while searching for the right pricing plugin for our website. Thus, we had so far and still continue to strive to make this plugin inclusive of every required feature. At this juncture, getting listed in FinanceOnline, one of the top business review directories has served as a motivation and [...]

Header Image for WooCommerce UPS Shipping- Extra Fee based on Box size

WooCommerce UPS Shipping – Add Extra Fees Based on Box Size

David runs an eCommerce store where he sells tropical fruits. Shipping of perishable goods becomes a tricky task since he has to take special care of its packing. The seller has to guarantee that the fruits that reach the customer are of the promised quality. Each fruit might require a box of a different type and size. Consequently, the boxes would have different rates too. Not willing to take chances, he decides to use expensive boxes for shipping his [...]

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping – Change Customs Duty Payer based on destination country

Marijn has setup a prolific eCommerce store. He has all the products set up on WooCommerce platform. As a shipping solution, he chooses FedEx. Now, Marijn wants predictability in his expenditure. He doesn’t like surprises when it comes to rates. But, to his dismay, it is impossible to predict the shipping rates for every country he is shipping to. It seems like the rates change drastically on a regular basis. And that is adding some confusion to his regular business. [...]

WooCommerce Shipping Plugins Comparison Chart – Multiple vs. Individual Carrier-Integration

WooCommerce Multiple Carrier Shipping Plugin by XAdapter is empowered with the table rate shipping feature along with real time rates from popular shipping carriers such FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL Express & (USPS). This plugin can potentially provide a complete shipping solution for your business. Using this plugin, you can set rules using various parameters like Shipping class, Product category, Prices based on weight, Item quantity, and Price. It won't be possible to achieve this with plugins that have individual shipping carrier [...]

Decoding Debug Data of WooCommerce UPS Plugin

Debug data has information that is helpful to identify any advanced code-level issues with the plugin. UPS debug data provides useful insights into the functioning of the Xadapter UPS Plugin for WooCommerce in the following scenarios: Some/ All UPS services are not showing up on the cart page. Rates returned by the UPS plugin are not matching with the UPS calculator rates. What information can be obtained from the WooCommerce UPS Plugin debug data? 1. UPS Account related information.         2. Complete Origin [...]