Understanding FedEx Shipping Rates in your WooCommerce Store

If you are handling a WooCommerce store, then you should be aware of the possible difficulties in the shipping process. And if you deal with FedEx in order to deliver your products to your customers then it becomes really important for you to understand the in-s and out-s of their shipping rates. The shipping rates are calculated on the basis of your package weight, the dimension of the box, the shipping location, domestic or international locations, and many other possible [...]

How to Optimize your WooCommerce FedEx Packages for Better Shipments

When you're looking for ways to be more efficient with the FedEx shipment, you should probably implement some package optimization techniques for your WooCommerce orders. Package optimization is the process which involves various steps to make the product's packaging more friendly to the supply chain management system. Even FedEx insists their users to focus on this subject. They are constantly providing articles and tips that are curated for you to pack your parcels efficiently. Doing this not only helps [...]

Print FedEx Shipping Labels Directly from your WooCommerce Store

The process of generating and printing the FedEx shipping label is quite a tough job for many WooCommerce business owners. Many store owners go to the FedEx website and log in to their accounts using their credentials in order to print the labels. They have to manually go through each order and copy-paste or export the order information and then put them on the FedEx shipping label website. This complete process not only sounds tedious, it is time-consuming as well. [...]

How to Save Shipping Cost using FedEx One Rate

Cutting cost is an important aspect of any business. It is a quick way to boost your bank balance and improve the systems in your business that directly affect your profitability. By constantly focusing on the methods to cut shipping costs will encourage you to review your policies and practices more often than you otherwise might consider doing. Moreover, the prominent benefit of saving shipping costs is the ability to invest the saved up capital on something more important [...]