WPML Compatibility with WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin

Over the last few days our team has worked hard together with WPML's team and we have come up with the latest integration. Now, WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin is compatible with WPML plugin so you can turn your store into a Multi-lingual one and ship to domestic and international locations without worrying about language translations. Our team and WPML team worked together to conduct the compatibility testing of the plugin and made sure that the Table Rate Shipping Plugin [...]

Using WPML with WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro plugin for Multilingual sites

WooCommerce Table rate plugin helps to define table rate shipping for your online store. If you have custom rates defined in tabular form which you want to charge your customers for shipping, you should use this plugin. Now, this plugin is made compatible with WPML also. Our team worked with their team overtime to make this possible. To harness the power of both plugins, you need to have our table rate plugin installed in your WooCommerce store and the WPML [...]

Coupon Behaviour during Calculation of Shipping Charges

As a small business owner, one needs to find ways to reduce extra charges in various process flows of the business. In order to stay relevant and competitive, the shop owner checks his or her shipping charges and taxes regularly.This way they can be sure that there are no loopholes that may come back to haunt him at the end of the year (while accounting for the financial year). One such problem was reported by Randy: This was a good start [...]

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping – GST Implementation in India

Recently the Indian government brought in a new system of taxation known as "Goods & Services Tax" to the fore-front. Overnight anxiety gripped the shipping industry as businesses were not able to figure out how to incorporate GST in their shipping solutions. We were getting frantic calls daily regarding the implementation of GST in our FedEx solution. However, we could not proceed as there were no nodes available for this in the FedEx API. Proactive Initiative by a customer for GST [...]

Image for UPS Default Service Selection by Customer

WooCommerce UPS Shipping – Default Service Selection and Additional Email Notifications

Our UPS plugin has long been a hit among various sections of shipping customers. It is a very light, yet compact plugin that has loadss of features like Real time Rates, Automated Label Generation, Shipment Tracking, Box Packing, Weight-based Packing, and even Access Point Deliveries. However, as part of some tweaks we did recently across all plugins, we have added some cool features in the latest version of the plugin. This should make it even more enjoyable. Select by Default [...]

Image for FedEx Pre-packed Products

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping – Pack Some Items Separately and the Rest Together in a Box

There are occasions where we get requirements from our customers who want to pack some items separately and the remaining ones in a box. So in one instant, both kinds of products shall be processed - the individual ones and the grouped ones. Here is the actual business case from one of our customers, Alan: WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Pre-packed Products We decided to work on this interesting case with a simple enhancement in our FedEx plugin to solve this case. So the [...]

Image for WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – Setup Costs based on Shipping Class and Quantity

"I have different categories of products and they often come together in the cart. What if I want to select the highest price among them and show it to the customer?" This is a common question we encounter here at XAdapter! Can this be achieved? Well Yes! For this, we have the most powerful solution in the market. When we say, "The Most Powerful", we mean the sheer flexibility of Table Rate Shipping pro plugin. The plugin really stands out among [...]

Header Image for FedEx Shipping Rate Limit for Customers

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping – Limit Rate to the Customer

Recently one of our customers (a developer himself) came up with a query on our FedEx plugin: That is quite an interesting and a practical case. The shop owner must be facing deep problems if the shipping is from, say, "United States" to "India" as shipping cost may reach to over $100 dollars for heavy items. For him, to provide it free seems practically impossible. WooCommerce FedEx Shipping - Limit Shipping Fee to a Constant Value We at XAdapter came up [...]

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WooCommerce Shipping – Managing Units of Measurement

For businesses shipping internationally, it is sometimes a problem if Customs doesn't recognise the unit of measurement of your goods. In those times, you don't have any option but to take back your shipments. UPS Commercial Invoice not accepting kilogram as unit - Nancy's facing a problem Nancy runs a "dog care products" shop. She has a whole range of products like dog shampoo, dog fur freshener and many other premium products. While shipping to international locations using 'kg' [...]