Debug Error: ADDRESS VALIDATION RESPONSE – Authentication Failed


I get the following error in debug mode:

[Message] => Authentication Failed

Then FedEx RESPONSE returns rates calculated for the wrong shipping weight.

XAdapter Support:

We request you to provide us the request and response in a text file.
Also, provide a snapshot of the plugin settings page and product dimensions page. This would be helpful in analyzing your problem.


Here are the snapshots:


FedEx plugin settings


Product data metabox – Product dimensions

XAdapter Support:

It seems like you have ticked the option “Production Key” in the plugin settings. So we assume that you want to run the plugin in Live environment.

Kindly note that FedEx has different credentials for test and live environments.

Getting Live Account details:

  1. To get live access, please contact FedEx support.
  2. Enter the live account details in the plugin settings.
  3. Enable production key checkbox in the plugin settings.

Once you get the live account details, you need additional authorization to print labels. To do this:

  • Contact FedEx with a sample label generated using Test Account details.
  • Please follow certification guidelines to get advanced services for printing the labels.


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