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8 Great Tips tore during the Holiday Season

This is it! The Holiday begins with Black Friday and ends with the most-awaited day of the year, Christmas. It’s that time of the year when you should see huge traffic coming tors and buyers.

Whatever may be the case, you know you have to their expectations will result in poor sales. The worst part is that they have other choices and, who knows, you may never see them again next year.

So there’s no to use the best WordPress security plugin.

In this article, we hope to a few cool WooCommerce solutions and order fulfillment services as well. So, read along!

Show best Christmas deals upfront

You should provide deals on the necessary items that will sell a lot. Deciding which product will sell more than others can be tore.

However, if you are looking tore.

Choose the fastest yet economical shipping services

Fast deliveries are really important when it comes to offer a faster shipping service instead of the fastest, unless the situation demands.

The PluginHive’s WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin is the known for providing the best-in-class FedEx shipping solutions to charge more for the shipping cost by adjusting the cost of the returned shipping rates from FedEx. You can check out the plugin by following this link.

How much you should discount your products

If you to sell more by providing more discounts and still earn on the items with comparatively fewer discounts.

woocommerce store

You should check out the Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin for WooCommerce. It helps you too much effort.

Show correct shipping estimates

Along with the fast shipping services, you should also provide correct shipping rates. Custoo costly. If you intentionally charge a tad extra on the shipping rates then it might drive them away. So, you should choose the increase the shipping cost by a small amount.

woocommerce storeHowever, there can be times when the returned shipping rates from FedEx or UPS might be incorrect. This is the reason why you should choose the plugin that would always the correct shipping rates. Both FedEx and WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugins by PluginHive fetch the shipping rates directly from the respective official APIs. So, there is no way that the shipping rates would show incorrect shipping prices. You should definitely check out these plugins.

Get ready tomization

Christmas is all about making your loved one feel special. So tomer desired changes in their orders, then the favor would go long.

They will tend do that.

Moreover, if you go ahead and send a free gift along with their order then it is highly likely that they will be happy. You can choose tore owners.

Quickly share order tracking info

One thing that might be common during both holiday and non-holidays is that custo understand the reason behind the delay.

woocommerce sto the order completion emails. This is one of the best things about this plugin.

<h2 srcset=Add multiple vento offer a variety of products

You can expand your reach by integrating other ventore.

The FedEx Shipping Plugin works seamlessly with the multi-vento know more.

Bundle Products works like a charm

Adding bundle products to promote their sales effectively during the period of Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

woocommerce store

The PluginHive’s WooComemrce FedEx Shipping plugin handles the shipping of a bundled product very easily. It will allow you to add multiple products as a single product and then ship using the FedEx Shipping services.

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